“Design is not just what something looks like, but how it feels and works”




A dildo revolution

The dodil is a revolutionary dildo. When heated it is soft and flexible. At this stage its playfulness invites you to a DIY dildo-designing.
When cooling down it stabilizes again and stays in the shape you want. And, whenever you so desire, you can repeat the process for new exploits. Therefore, the dodil is a diversity of many dildos in just one piece.


Hands-on design
Hands-on design

With its ever-changing design, the dodil saves you money. The dodil-solution replaces a wide range of differently sized and shaped dildos of static and questionable quality.


By being uniquely 90% biodegradable, the dodil drives a shift towards a healthier planet. One dodil at a time, it is replacing a variety of many less ecological sex-toys on the market.


A medical grade thermoplastic, in combination with a stretchy and body-safe silicone, makes the dodil absolutely body-safe. With every heating your dodil automatically gets sterilized.

Green shipping
Green shipping

We always aim at delivering your sex-toy as fast as we can, with the least possible impact on the environment. Therefore we compensate for carbon offset in our shipping.

Unique packaging
Unique packaging

We deliver the dodil in a practical steel-thermos. It works a vessel for the heating, as well as a discreet hide-out for the dodil-dildo.

Celebrating diversity

We celebrate diversity and are proud to be a part of the Pride festivities during the summer of 2017. We believe that everyone is unique and so is the dodil, with its ability to fit almost anyone.


Original, affordable and exciting. All very common criteria for the perfect gift. The dodil’s colourful yet discreet packaging and the joyful experience of designing your own dildo, makes the dodil as fun to give as to receive.


And the reviews?

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Bunny Review

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The dodil is a company owned brand, based in Sweden. The dodil is a registered trademark and the technology and invention is protected by Intellectual Property (IP) through Swedish and International (PCT - Patent Cooperation Treaty) patent applications.


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