the dodil

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The perfect gift - dodil

Original, affordable and exciting. All very common criteria for a perfect gift. This brand new Swedish invention has the potential to evoke both laughter and emotion, also in contexts where you normally would shy from talking about topics as lust and masturbation. And, it is certainly a lot less awkward to unwrap a dodil than an average dildo. Simply put, the dodil is an ingenious dildo you can shape and reshape with your own hands, to fit any individual preferences.

The dodil comes exquisitely contained in a thermos. Very practical for the procedure, but also parcelling the whole appearance with an adult element of kinder-egg surprise. Early public response is comparing the dodil’s playful yet simple technology to stress-balls and fidget-spinners. And, it indeed has all the stress relieving aspects, in plurality. But in addition to the relaxation, it can also heat up any occasion. Clear the table from any Trivial Pursuit and make room for something useful. Heat - Shape - Cool - Enjoy. And, whenever again: Repeat.

The dodil is available at for 79 Euro (ca 95 USD).

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