the dodil

Plastic like playful, not harmful


It is since long time for all of us to act more responsibly when it comes to what materials we consume. Bad plastics are building up vast islands of their own in the oceans, slowly disintegrating to microplastics, eventually moving up the food chain through fishes and birds. They and eventually we, will slowly starve with our stomachs full. One solution to this environmental disaster is a favored use of biodegradable plastics.

With a core of PCL (Polycaprolactone) the dodil is one of very few biodegradable adult toys available on the market. The PCL is a non-toxic thermoplastic already utilized in for example skeleton-protheses and when degrading it leaves nothing behind but carbonoxide and water. When heated it becomes malleable and as utilized in the dodil, it playfully puts the final design of the product into the hands of the user. The future is in our hands, and the dodil is advancing a sustainable future in the shaping.

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