the dodil

Technical FAQ

Is the dodil-dildo safe to use?

The dodil is coated with an external layer of high quality liquid silicone which is completely body-safe. Also the inside of the dodil is 100% non-toxic and body-safe. The core material has since long been used in for example internal medicine.

How is the dodil bio-degradable?

About 90% of the dodil (weight) is made out of a thermoplastic also known to be in the group of bio-plastics. The plastic does not release any microplastics upon decay and it will biodegrade with various speed depending on the surroundings. In absolute soil conditions the plastic will biodegrade in only 18 weeks leaving nothing but carbondioxide, water and organic (carbon based) mulch. The plastic will not biodegrade as long as it is covered by the silicone layer.

What should I think of during use and care?

For cleaning we recommend soap and water or an adult toy sanitizer, but remember - every time you heat up the dodil it gets automatically sterilized.

For use we recommend using a lubricant that is oil-free. And since we do not know what additives have been used in (and can not test them all) different silicone lubricants on the market, we recommend using water-based or a hybrid lubricant.

Please read and follow our instructions when it comes to the shaping.

Design FAQ

Is it hard to design your dildo?

Once heated the dodil is very flexible and soft. That does however settle after a while as it cools down and becomes more rigid. Which also makes it stay in shape easier.

Cooling the dodil under cold water (like the cold water tap) will make the dodil become harder even faster - which is something we recommend once you have decided on the shape you want to make.

For more in depth practice we recommend reading and following the instructions for the best results.

Is there a risk of the dodil 'melting' when I use it?

Relax, you can take a steaming hot bath with the dodil since the reactive temperature for the dodil to 'melt' is about 70 degrees Celsius or 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is the dodil safe for anal play?

To be deemed safe for anal play a sex toy should always have a 'stopper'. In other dildo-designs that stopper usually comes as a flared base or with an added scrotum.

Since the dodil-dildo does not have a flared base or scrotum and if you want to use it for anal play it is highly recommended to make a bend to the base that has at least a 45 degree angle or an enough clamped section of the dodil for the dildo not to get sucked in.

Another tips is to use the included cord and tie it around the base (wrap it and tie it hard so it doesn't slip off) and leave a few inches of loose string. Should there be an accident you can always pull it back out by tugging the string.

Is there a risk of breaking the dodil?

If you use and take care of your dodil as stated in the included manual, here on the website or through any of our videos, you will be fine.

Applying brute force to try and deform the dodil in a solid state will not break the dodil, you could however damage the silicone, so just don't.

Is there a risk of damaging the silicone?

The silicone have the ability to stretch up to 900% of its original shape and can not break from shaping the product using your hands or soft objects.

Reading our instructions will let you know how to treat your dodil.

My dodil is damaged, what do I do?

We are actively working with quality and production. Provided you can explain how it broke we'll replace your dodil without further discussion.

If your dodil gets damage beyond shape and use don't hesitate to contact our support at

Shopping FAQ

Is it safe to use my credit card for purchases?

We do not store any credit card details. Your credit card will be charged by the time you submit your online purchase order. The order will be placed after we have verified your card details and confirmed authorization and stock availabiliy.

What kind of payment do you accept?

For online purchases we accept the following methods:

  • Visa, Maestro, Mastercard (through Stripe)
  • Paypal
  • Direct Bank Payment

Please note that when using direkt bank payment there is a transaction time of up to 2 working days before we can process your order.

When will I receive my order?

Orders made through our webshop are usually shipped within 2 days from an approved order. Orders will be delivered within 5 days of shipment, but please note that this can vary depending on country or if you live in a remote area.

We use DHL Express for most of our deliviers and always through green/carbon neutral optimization. You can follow your order via DHL once you get your waybill number. If there are any problems with your order we will notify you via e-mail.

How do I return my product?

If you are not satisfied with your purchased item it may be returned unopened and unused/unshaped within 14 days of receipt. However:

•    We cannot accept non-defective exchanges on items that have been opened or used
•    Items can not be returned unless they are defective
•    Shipping charges will only be refunded in cases where our error caused the return
•    Pre-authorisation is required for all returns and exchanges

If upon delivery you find that the box has been damaged or opened, or its contents are missing, please ensure that you take a photograph of the damaged packaging which should be emailed to us, and if you are at home during the delivery write; “Damaged/opened/missing content when delivered”. If you are not at home when the product is delivered this is not a problem, you only need to send us the photograph of the damaged packaging via email and we will take up the issue directly with our distribution party and pursue compensation.

Please note that you will need to send back the original receipt together with the product to us.

To return or exchange a pleasure object please contact us at prior to sending it to us to retrieve a claim number as a reference.