the dodil

Brand story

If you reshape the word dildo, you get dodil. The dodil is a dildo you can shape and then reshape according to your own preferences. You are the designer.

The dodil is also a resilient enterprise founded on Swedish core-values of equality and diversity, dedicated to a healthy and creative reformation of the world’s largest recreational hobby; masturbation. It is in your hands to join.

You are unique. And so is the dodil, by presenting a radical answer to an ancient issue. Our patent is the first ever solution confiding the ever-changing design of a sex-toy into the happy hands of the user. The initial dodil-dildo is pioneering a series of flexible products, based on the same benign and easy idea.

With the deepest regard for both the individuals anatomy and Mother Nature, the products are made with non-toxic and biodegradable materials. Thus, by making a wide range of unchanging and less safe sex-toys obsolete, the dodil is driving a constructive change towards both a healthier user-economy and environment.

Goals and vision

With passion for design and innovation and for the purpose of joy and inspiration; we bring new dimensions to intimate pleasure, always with the uttermost consideration for the user and nature.

The dodil material technology is replacing many other solutions and will eventually lead to a conversion and disarmament of the global dildo armada, progressing an increased user-friendliness and positive effects for nature. The dodil’s apparent user-friendliness will always stay as one of the brands core values.

Company core

We are a company founded on a brilliant idea and friendships. We believe in the power of the individual and solidarity.

We listen and we learn. We grow from win-win in an atmosphere of caring and sharing.

Together we can bring positive change and do good.

Join the revolution!