Probably the best dildo in the world.

We dare say that the Dodil probably is the best dildo ever made. As you, by hand, can shape and reshape it, unlimited times.

The Dodil - made to fit your anatomy and desires.

Shape-changing power.

The Dodil is a smooth body-safe silicone dildo with a unique core. When you heat the Dodil, using hot water, it will become very soft and pleasing to handle.

At this stage, it is up to you and your hands to create whatever size or shape your body and imagination desire in a sex toy design. Shape it first and finish by cooling it under cold water. This will make it stay in the design you have made, ready for action. 

And the best thing about it?

Whenever you want you can do it all over again, and try for something new. There are endless possibilities and endless designs.

the best dildo design, long dildo

Long Dildo

A long dong works well for reaching the deep spots, or when wanting a slightly thinner size to begin with. Shape the tip into that perfect tilt or size in your dildo, maybe top it off by adding some texture to the shaft?

best dildos for spot sensation, curved dildo

Curved Dildo

A curved phallus, when being tilted, can add perfect pressure to hit your g-spot (or any spot) without the need for thrusting. Make the bend to be easy on your wrists and just press or rock away.

dildos with girth, thick dildo

Thick Dildo

Make the Dodil into a short, thick massager or add girth to any part of the shaft. Combined with the firmness of the Dodil this design will give a true sensation of fulfillment.

best dildos for beginners, short and small dildo design

Small Dildo

Looking for a thin or short size in a  sex toy? The Dodil got your back. Whether your pleasure is from pin-pointing a spot or shallow fulfillment.

slim dildo, beginner penetration dildos

Slim Dildo

Aiming for a slim size will make the Dodil become long and thin. Reach as far as you want or get used to the sensation, bit by bit. Less width and a tapered dildo is perfect for first time users.

bumpy dildo, the best dildo design

Bumpy Dildo

A bumpy design means larger or deeper texture (like bulbs) which works great for a session of slow twisting or rotating, finishing with a glorious internal orgasm.

rippled dildo, best dildo by the dodil

Ribbed Dildo

Too large or deep bumps can be overwhelming when thrusting, that is when something ribbed or rippled can do wonders. Add as much texture you crave.

weird dildo, custom dildo design

Weird Dildo

Your very best custom made dildo might just be that strange crooked shape, which somehow fits you perfectly and hits exactly where you want it to.

unicorn dildo, top rated dildos

Unicorn Dildo

Bridle the magic of the Dodil and make your very own unicorn horn. A magnificent and twisted thruster with the power of transformation.

Bumpy. Bent. Rippled. A-spot. G-spot. Any spot.

What shape is your pleasure?

Shape your own custom made creation with the Dodil, and make it become the best dildo you ever had. You cannot fail! As you can make it over and over again. In every size, shape and creation, there is a new sensation.

Only one Dodil.

Makes many dildos.

Only one Dodil makes many dildos. The one and only Dodil which, hatched from a great idea and friendships, empowered us to grow into a revolutionary company and brand.

We wish to empower you. With you, we create movement and progressive change.


About sensations.

Since our launch we have been shipping hundreds of Dodils into the caring hands of sex-bloggers, (s)experts, journalists and sexologists all across the world. To hear what they think about our sex toy invention and how we can possibly do better.

We listened and we learned. Here is what some of them think.

"The Dodil has been an unfaltering climax-inducing masterpiece and I’m pretty sure it’s the dildo I’ve wanted to exist my entire life."

Emmeline Peaches (UK)

"I can get angles that I enjoy. I can make bumps exactly where I need them, it can be smooth where I want it to be smooth... it's really pretty awesome."

Kitten Boheme (US)

"This is a HUGE step forward, because however clever ‘normal’ designs are, there has never been such a thing as ‘one size true fits all’ – until now."

Violet Fenn (UK)

"We all know that women's bodies are different and that we like different things at different times. Now, with the Dodil, you can shape it however you want it."

Isabelle Lauren

Become the designer of your pleasure.

Create the best dildo you ever had.


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