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The Best Dildos

best dildos of the dodil

Dildos, sex toys with a phallic resemblance, are found in a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes. And many manufacturers and sex toy shops claim to stock the best dildos.

For you to decide

The Dodil is one single dildo, which lets you decide what shape, width or length you need, crave or wish for. Buy one, have as many of the best dildos as you like, and explore yourself to find those secret spots. 

Here we present some of the many and most popular dildos of the Dodil. Most have videos showing how it's done, others have instructions and images.

Dildos By Hand

The ultimate dildo is just a hand job away. Create the best dildos your fantasy can muster, as you use your hands to accomplish the right length, bend or size you desire. A joyful experience topped off with your very own happy ending. 

  • custom made dildos, long dildo design

    The Long Dildo

    What's your favorite length in a dildo? 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, or all the way to a 10 inch long dildo?

  • slim dildo, beginner penetration dildos

    The Slim Dildo

    Slim designs is probably the best dildos to begin with, or use for extreme reach.

  • best dildos for spot sensation, curved dildo

    The Curved Dildo

    A perfect bend for a perfect fit? Dildos made for spot pressure and a relaxed hand.

  • dildos with girth, thick dildo

    The Thick Dildo

    Going wide and wild! With all the thick dildos you can take. Up to a 2.4 inch width.

  • bumpy dildo, one of many dildos by the Dodil

    The Bumpy Dildo

    Hold on to your dildo, for a bumpy ride! One of the easiest and most enjoyable type of dildos you can make.

  • best dildos for beginners, short and small dildo design

    The Small Dildo

    Petite pleasure as you can have your sex toy become thick and short, or thin and long.

Dildos Using the String

Bind your dildo. Indulge in some Shibari and use the included string. With it you can make all the textured dildos you crave. Create narrow ripples, deep bulges and thrust or slowly rotate your dong for that creational climax.

  • ribbed dildo, one of the best dildos

    The Ribbed Dildo

    Ripples and ridges everywhere or anywhere, all about the creation of your own ribbed phallus.

  • unicorn dildo, top rated dildos

    The Unicorn Dildo

    For a unique and rare sensation, create all the unicorn dildos your vagina can muster.

  • weird dildo, custom dildo design

    The Weird Dildo

    Weird but indeed functional. And for some it has been the best dildo they ever created.

Dildos For an Intended Use

With different dildos comes a variety of options, or an intended use. So, if you're in the search for the most rewarding sensations, this is where to look.

  • the best g spot dildos

    The G-Spot Dildo

    Still looking for your g-spot? The Dodil gives you the whole alphabet.

  • cervix dildo, one of the best dildos for a-spot orgasms

    The A-Spot Dildo

    Reach further than ever before, for the most rewarding orgasms.

  • Bent anal dildo

    The Anal Dildo

    As we get a lot of questions, here is the complete laydown for using the Dodil as an anal dildo.

Dildos Any Way You Want.

Want to alter your creation even more? Become an expert dildo maker as you add, remove or tune the Dodil into the best dildo you ever had

  • different type of dildos, tapered dildo head

    The Dildo Head

    Adjust your lust, start from the top and have any head you like to your dildo design.

  • the best dildos, textured dildo for sensations

    The Textured Dildo

    To some, the best dildos lies in the details. And texture can be added to pretty much any dildo shape or design.

  • dildos for masturbation, smooth dildo

    The Smooth Dildo

    Or, for a more tender touch you might want to go smooth with just a hint of curve or length.

FAQ: All the Dildos of the Dodil

How many types of designs can I have with the Dodil?

We think we covered most of the uses for the Dodil and the different types you can have it become in this section.

But we're trying new designs and ideas as we go. We will of course share them here, adding videos and images along the way.

And in time we will have even more exciting customizable sex toys based on the same benign idea. 

How many times can you change the style in a dildo?

We like to say that there are unlimited times, but nothing lasts forever. 

However, working with dildos we do have our own set that we continuously test and try, and some of them have been heated and molded over 500 times.

That's ~15,000 minutes of warming up, and ~5,000 minutes of shaping. 

Can you recommend any first time dildos to start with?

We all have our personal favorites.

But, if you're starting out as a dildo maker - one of the best dildos is probably a bumpy one (made by hand), as you will get to feel how the Dodil acts when its moldable (hint: it's like a lovely comfortably warm modeling clay, just not sticky and without the mess).

Or, if you are new to the world of dildos you should aim for a slim one. A tapered design works well as it grows in girth towards the handle. If you use the string it will also make small ridges along the shaft.

Which is the hardest or most advanced of all the dildos?

None of the designs we present are particularly hard to attain.

Some might require that you start out with the bend or length that you wish for. And afterwards you can add a detail or adjust the head.

Working with the string for the first time can be a bit tricky for some, we recommend that you don't try to wrap it around the dildo, instead turn the Dodil.

Can I combine two Dodils into one single huge dildo?

No, sorry.

We actually tried to wrap two dildos together when they where malleable, but there isn't anything holding them together once they turn firm. Well, apart from duct tape, but that's not body-safe or especially smooth to use.

Is there some kind of dildo size chart available?

That would be quite the feat!

Honestly, even we don't know the absolute dimensions the Dodil can hold. There is a limit to how long the silicone can be stretched (10 inches/25 cm) and pushing it to become a wide dildo can be done up to about 2.4 inches (6 cm). Or go for a skinny dildo with a 0.8 inch (2 cm) thickness.

I like realistic dildos, can I add details like that?

The Dodil is a fantasy dildo per se, but there are also different aspects when and why someone would be looking to buy a realistic dildo.

So, the Dodil can have the head with a glans and tip, just as any human penis. And if you like the texture of veins, aim for something with ripples or press it to make small bumps. 

The one thing that the Dodil does best is copying human body-heat. Should you use the dildo straight after creating a design you can enjoy the luxury of a body-warm dildo, up to 1.5 hours.

Read all about this revolutionary silicone sex toy.

Learn the process of how to create that perfect dildo.

the best dildos is for you to decide

"The Dodil is simply explained all the dildos you can do on your own, in just one dildo. We are talking dildoes!" 

We encourage you to explore what the Dodil can do for you personally.

The Dodil is a multi-tool on the journey to finding the perfect creation, which ultimately can be your key to the best dildos ever.

Become the designer of your fantasy and desire. Today!