The Dodil


About us

The Dodil is a brand and company based in Sweden with a marketing office in Cologne, Germany. We ship our products worldwide from our warehouse and workshop in Sweden, now with our dildo spread and sold in over 30 countries.

We are the sole provider and patent holder for the material technology and combination which makes the moldable dildo (and upcoming products) come true. 

Our story

Only one Dodil makes many dildos. And the one Dodil is making many friends on a journey which differs from most other companies.

In the beginning, it started with two friends who were brainstorming over the use of an enigmatic material. Soon some more friends joined to support the two in their direction. Later on even more and knowledgeable friends accumulated.

Once touched by the Dodil you talk about the Dodil and the word of a joint adventure is getting spread. Here is movement.

With the public involved in our progress, we are reshaping and redesigning ourselves for the most favorable fit in the minds and anatomy of the conscious consumers.

As much as our products are shaped in your hands, the path of the dodil as a brand is very much influenced by you and everybody else. Here is change.

So our story continues. We will listen, we will learn and from there on we will deliver.

Our products

The Dodil is powered by the user. Your body, your pleasure, your own personal and unique dildo. As already requested we are to develop a whole series of flexible products, based on the same benign and easy idea.

Our products are unique in both experience and build. Made from body-safe, non-toxic and biodegradable materials we take the utmost care for you as an individual, and nature as a whole.

Our mission

The Dodil’s trajectory is also powered by the user. Our brand is a part of our shared personal endeavor to leave the world better than we found it. Mentored by our perpetually expanding circle of friends we are building a strong brand voice which we will raise for the greater good.


As much as the Dodil is a multi-tool for masturbation the product’s playfulness and benevolence works as an ice-breaker and multi-key for the societal discourse regarding sexuality.


By presenting a new material and functionality to the sex toy industry we will drive a change regarding environmental impact wherever we get the chance.


If you would have the power to reshape anything, what would you then reshape? What we offer are a dildo and a brand. We wish to empower you. With you, we create movement and change.

Our vision

We are doing good and we will always do. Already our products are driving a change for a healthier user-economy and environment. Our vision is to feed this change into a user-powered revolution and invest time and money in bettering our world.

Together, we can make the buzz of the Dodil reverberate forever as a hearty hum.