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Thinking Outside The Naughty Box

From never having worked in the sex toy industry to now being on a mission to find our own distinct voice, we share our journey with you. From dildo invention to a brand, we invite you to be a part of it.
Here we intend to publish tips and thoughts related to our experiences of starting up a pleasure-product-brand in the year of today.

The Teal Rainbow Dildo – Moving With Pride

From the very outset of our journey, we saw no reason whatsoever to gender label either our dildo nor our brand. Call it Swedish openness, inclusiveness, and equality, these are some fundamental core values which came with our mother’s milk ...


The Future Of Gender Labeled Sex Toys

Gender labeling can be a hot topic. When it comes to sex and sexuality even more so. Still, the pleasure industry persists in gender labeling sex toys, all while other industries are working their way out of it, often to ...


How To Sell Sex Toys With The Power Of Influencers

Where would you turn if you had an upcoming enterprise opting to sell sex toys? And you look for feedback and advice? Our simple thought was, that on the internet, there is accumulated common knowledge. And, as contemporary representatives of common knowledge, there ...


The Dildo Database

In 2017 when we set out to develop our dildo we initiated a large database of other dildos sold on the market. Here we gather and share the findings and transcripts of that database. The data has later been used in 'marital aid' research in cooperation with USH.
Go here for the collected data, graphs and reports.

1,500 Ways To Finding The Perfect Dildo

This article is about why and how we set out to benchmark us against the vast amount of dildos available. Something that ended in a still growing database of over 1,500 dildos. Finding the right dildo size... Human body standards ...


Dildo-Envy? The Average Dildo Size Compared To The Average Penis

In Search For The Average Dildo Size What is the average dildo size? What is a perceived measure and the real measure? From the research and information from over 1,500 different dildos lies the result to what the average dildo size ...


Guides & Product News

Private: Dildo Materials

MATERIALS Click the image to open (pop-up). Dildo materials - What to look for. This section about dildo materials can be applied to pretty much any sex toy. While a masturbator (penis sleeve made for penetration) is made to be ...


Dildo sizes and dimensions

DIMENSIONS & BUILD With different dildo materials comes a world of wonders - and problems. There are simply a lot to cover in this section. TL:DR Click the image to open (pop-up). Finding the best dildo size Exploring the obtainable ...


Private: Buyers Guide To Dildos

How to buy a dildo which fits you. The dildo have been around for a seriously long time. Dating back some 30,000 years it is by far the oldest sex toy in history. And during that time it have ...