The Dodil



The Cheap Dildos

Same same but different.

Cheap dildos does not necessarily mean that you need to buy something made from materials that can possibly harm you, have a plastic smell or which deteriorates over time.

Now, the Dodil is not by default categorized as a cheap dildo, since it comes priced at the same or lower price as most custom made dildos. You could probably buy even 3 or 4 dildos for the same price as one Dodil. But, as you can create as many dildos you like, the Dodil already is extremely affordable. And in this section we post our limited and slightly cheaper offers. The same dildo, with an oddity or other reasons for having a lower price tag.

So, how's it gonna be?

Do you want the three or four cheap dildos made from questionable materials (oh yes, they will be unsafe)? Or do you want to save money by buying a body-safe dildo with the awesome power to change in shape again and again?

In stock:

Worldwide tracked and free shipping on all orders, even the cheap ones.

Want the thermos to go with your Dodil? No problem. Just add one and we'll ship that as well! Not sold separately though.

FAQ: All about our cheaper dildos

Here we answer all about our dildos on sale. If you can't find the answer you are looking, for feel free to contact us, or visit our regular dildo shop, here, and read the FAQ there.

What's up with these cheaper dildos?

Most of the time this is dildos that have undergone quality control where we simply heat a Dodil for a few minutes, by such it can never go back to it's original tube-shape. And other times it might be because the back plug is a little off or tilted as they are attached by hand.  

But don't worry. These dildos work for shaping and reshaping just as good. Since they can be shaped and reshaped practically hundreds of times.

Why are you selling them?

Most of the tilted or heated dildos goes out to different organizations for education, to trade shows we or our retailers attend, or as testers.

But sometimes we still have plenty left.

And we'd hate for something to go to waste. What then could be better than being able to offer an already affordable dildo to an even cheaper price?

What does these cheap dildos look like?

Some resemble a ripe fruit (yours for the taking) or already have a bump or ridge in them. If you want, e-mail us before buying and we can send you some images.

And, some might have the back end plug a little off or slightly tilted, not by much and it does not compromise the dildo in any way.

Do they work?

Yes. Don't worry, all our cheap dildos work for just as good as the original. 

Can I return items on sale?

No, sorry.

We can't accept returns on any of the dildos in this section. Since we couldn't possibly know if they have been used or not. 

Does a cheap dildo come with any warranty?


It comes with the same warranty as any other dildo, which is 1 year.

Where can I buy one?

You are at the right spot. You can only buy our pre-heated or wonky back plug dildos here from our online shop.

How do they get shipped?

All our products, no matter which you buy, are shipped within one day from receiving and validating a payment. And as they are shipped through DHL Express, delivery time is a mere 2-4 days, to anywhere in the world.

How are they packaged?

All our products are packaged in white no-label boxes, for your discretion.

And if you buy the thermos flask (for warming and storage) it comes delivered as one of the most discreet dildo packages ever made.

How much do they cost?

All dildos sold here are set with a discount price up to 25% cheaper than the original kits.

Can I use a discount code when buying a cheap dildo?


Store wide sales will affect even the cheaper dildos, as where an individual code is set for an individual product or for our standard selection of dildo making kits.