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How To Sell Sex Toys With The Power Of Influencers

how to sell sex toys with the power of influencers

Where would you turn if you had an upcoming enterprise opting to sell sex toys? And you look for feedback and advice?

Our simple thought was, that on the internet, there is accumulated common knowledge. And, as contemporary representatives of common knowledge, there is a community of passionate people willing to share their opinion. Why not asking them?

Whatever you sell, and trust you have a market for, on the internet, you can find keys, clues and answers. Communication is the teacher and listen is the lesson.

This article is part of our story as we learn and share our insights about the adult toy industry. We are a brand and manufacturer with the intent of doing good, wherever we go.


Please take a moment before reading this article and answer the below question.

Whose online opinion do you value the most when you are about to purchase a sex toy?

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Richard Almgren, the dodil

Richard Almgren

Richard is a in Materials and Construction Engineering, an apprentice in gender science studies and the inventor of the Dodil-dildo. For long, Richard worked with international environmental projects. Now living in Orebro, Sweden, he is a co-founder of the Dodil as well as the chief of operations.

Peter Gustavsson, the dodil

Peter Gustavsson

Peter is a marketing and business communications expert with a vast experience in sales and international trade. Originally from Sweden, he now lives in Cologne, Germany. Peter is a co-founder of the Dodil as well as head of communications.

Influence inflation?

In the past years, influencer marketing has reached an all-time high in most industries, and some would dare to say it is on the brink of inflation. Why?

One particular reason is that marketing by using an influencer is not as unique anymore. Neither is becoming an influencer. Nowadays there are even schools and courses in how to do blogging or vlogging as a full-time profession.

Still, in fact, most marketing trends show an increased focus and a rise in marketing budgets directed towards influencer marketing.

Picking the brain of an expert consumer

Inflation simply means that you will get less for more money. The result is that within some industries the competition is getting tougher, as more people seek the prior success of becoming an influencer, all while companies want the highest possible output for their investments. 

But there are other values of influencer marketing which are easily overlooked. If a relationship with an influencer is properly nurtured, you can benefit from having an expert consumer who taps into your brand and products with more insight and knowledge than you can ever muster on your own. 

Passion for education

When it comes to the sex toy industry, you will find a plethora of passionate expertise. As bloggers and sex toy reviewers do struggle to market themselves as unique, they also hold one common powerful denominator.  

Yes, no matter whichever content, brand or shop you are to present, there is something that ties most of the active sex-toy influencers or bloggers together; the passion for sexual openness and education.  

Unlike writing about the latest fashion or make-up there is a vast and individual discourse covering a wide array of kinks and tastes found under the caption of sex education. 

Sex sells - Authenticity sells better

When opting to sell sex toys, we suggest you be agile and respectful. Traditionally, you might be inclined to go the casual way with sensual or "hot" visuals. Sure, sex sells, no doubt. Numerous tests, articles, and studies confirm.

But, marketing images of half-naked bodies or implicit quotes will easily have the opposite effect and be intimidating for many.

Instead, driven by a combination of curiosity and a wanting to learn, it’s the meaningful content within sex which the customers now are seeking out, whether it be looking for the right tools, techniques or community for their ultimate pleasure, or simply to find out more about a specific product.  

When it comes to products and buyer-insights you need to remember two very important things: 

  1.  customers are smart
  2. and increasingly educated!

With internet literally in their pockets, your customers are getting exponentially more smart and educated, and they can easily call you out on every word about your product or brand as they browse through reviews and insights. 

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Diversity rules

Having such a knit, thriving, and growing sex-blogging community, spanning through the multitude of topics and product reviews, clearly contributes to a diverse openness and awareness. It’s in this pool of, very humane, kinks and desires where you might find the one or many expert(s), which will be the right match for your enterprise. They share their hard work and honest opinions with you as much as they do with their readers, i.e. your potential customers. 

But before you venture into this aggregation of marketing options, here is a short list of some genuine advice: 

1. Respect

Since they are open about topics which are quite personal, it makes them to some extent vulnerable. Approach the community, i.e. the persons in it, as you would when befriending someone in real life, or even as a potential business partner.

2. Integrity

Even though you personally are open to doing business in the (somewhat delicate) industry of sex toys there are still many taboos. Not all the influencers are open in their private life about what they do for a living as they, in most cases, work under their online alias.

3. Generosity

Are you asking for content creation then this is a no-brainer. You pay for it. As for reviews, payment can consist of two things, either a free sample product for review alone or the product plus monetary exchange. Yet, do not think for a moment that paying them will make for a great review. 

But rest assured that with or without payment - they will do their utmost in conveying their most honest opinion. Hence they just might bring great ideas to the table. If a review didn’t come out the way you wished, then use the information to do better.

4. Compassion

Don’t mess up. Others have before, and mistakes have been made. By bad behavior through ill-mannered posts or statements. In the end, people get hurt (yes, hurt, not just upset or irritated). They are humans, with a passion, and as such also able to forgive, provided you take the right actions to earn such forgiveness and learn from it.

One mouth, two ears

These are just general guidelines. Should you have nothing to say or are afraid of coming out like a total jackass, simply do not say anything. Rather listen, read up on what they write and learn from that. Hence, when you eventually reach out, the chances are bigger you will be on the same page. Talk half as much as you listen, and you will have key actions through paid creative consultancy - and key knowledge through their content or reviews - ultimately provided to the minds and search history of your customers.

Together towards success

Before you now head out to approach the big names who have amassed the most followers, do not miss out on the rising stars within the community. The new bloggers and vloggers who, like you and your enterprise, are striving to find their own footing and voice. And who are hungry and ready to perform their personal and unique take on your shop or brand.

Twitter is the place you ought to hang out if you are to find these grand-mistresses and -masters of “the world’s biggest sub-culture” (i.e. sex and sexuality). You’re welcome to follow us there as well. Who knows, we might be the connection between you and the greatest online love match of your business.

Sharing is caring, and love can never experience any inflation.

How to sell sex toys with the power of influencers.
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How to sell sex toys with the power of influencers.
Trying to sell sex toys can be a time-consuming endeavor, especially if you are a newbie in the industry. We share our insights on having bloggers, reviewers, and influencers helping us getting our business in the right direction.
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The Dodil
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I believe that it is best to be as creative as possible, especially when it comes to being in the sex toy industry. The competition is getting thicker and if you aren’t on top of your A game, you will never catch up. I like this article and it provided me with some better insight on what to look out for. Thanks :).

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