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Thermos Images

make your own dildo kit

Product Image, Complete Package

custom made dildo flask

Product Image, Thermos

Dildo Images


Product Image, Single Package


Hanging Dodil-Dildo (shibari)

the best dildo, rippled dildo design

Bundle of shaped Dodil Dildos (+130 MB) with white background.


the dodil dildo blue logo

(logo blue, transparent)

(logo white, transparent)

Stuff that moves

Explanatory Video

Format: MP4
YT: 16:9
Size: 11,3 MB
Length: 1:05


Explanatory GIF, 1080x1080


Product Description

This word-format document includes labeling, description and general instructions for easy copy and paste into your webshop or alike.

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Product Guide

This PDF-format document covers all you need to know about our product and our company. We advice you to download and read it, it only takes a couple of minutes.