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image how to make your own dildo placing the dodil-dildo in hot water

Dodil Dildo Review by Project Bluebird (DE)

"The dodil dildo fascinates me, honestly! It offers just that something which is missing in most others."

About the reviewer

Bluebird received one of our latest dildo models for a review. Bluebird is a new German blogger which is also aiming to write in English. She is mostly into vibrators but she loved the dodil-dildo! She also helped us with some translations for the German instructions which we really appreciate.

"And I tell you, that's really funny. Even if it is a bit difficult in the beginning, you quickly get the hang of it and can thus form the perfect dildo for every imaginable application. Over and over again! Yess..."

This review is in German.

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Summer of Pride

We are happy to announce that we once again have qualified as an exhibitor for Stockholm Pride. In the first week of August we will be having a dildo workshop, discounted sales and launching new stuff (hopefully).

Shareholder and board meeting, annual

On Thursday the 12th of April there will be an annual shareholders meeting held at Brogatan 4, Orebro, Sweden.

All participants wanting to attend are to send a message to CEO, Johan Skalin prior to the 31st of March, 2018.

The dodil-dildo does Japan.

We are happy to announce that our on-going worldwide spread have now reached Japan as it will soon be sold for the Japanese people to enjoy the pleasure in creating their own homemade and custom dildos.

Exclusive distribution agreement for Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

We are happy to announce that as of 2018-02-01 the dodil-dildo as a single package and thermos package are sold exclusively through EDC Wholesale (NL) for the following countries:

  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium

We look forward to partnering with EDC and grow alongside their success for the upcoming year.

All inquiries about where to get the dodil-dildo can be made to [email protected].