The Dodil


Thank you.

From the beginning of the Dodil's trajectory, we have been supported by lots and lots of amazing people in the vast online community where sex and masturbation are being discussed.

On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram they have been siding with us and showing an earnest commitment and passion for our product and brand.

We have listened and we have learned from the immense experience and expertise you find among them. We wouldn't be the company we are today without their tips, input and ideas.

Read below what the they think about our dildo. Or check out what our customers think.

  • Kitten Boheme (US)

    "I can get angles that I enjoy. I can make bumps exactly where I need them, it can be smooth where I want it to be smooth... it's really pretty awesome. [...] When you bring home a Dodil, you don’t just bring home one toy… it can be so many dildos in one! Talk about getting more bang for your buck!"

  • Emmeline Peaches (UK)

    "The Dodil has been an unfaltering climax-inducing masterpiece and I’m pretty sure it’s the dildo I’ve wanted to exist my entire life. [...] When the mood takes me I can rest easy confident in the knowledge that the Dodil is prepared to be anything I want it to be, and you can’t say that about a single other product on the market right now."

  • Livvy Libertine (US)

    "I lost count of how many configurations I tried and I’m sure that I will try many more of them in my never-ending quest for more orgasms, please!"

  • Little Switchbitch (EIR)

    "In use, it has the ability to provide me with some serious satisfying orgasms without the need of external vibrations. Not a lot of dildos are able to do that. [...] The Dodil really is unlike anything else I have tried – and to be honest it really is a staple in every toy box! My toy of the year 2017!"

  • Aurora Glory (UK)

    "The Dodil is, quite frankly, a bloody genius idea. In practice, it has not just been a novelty but has given me the ability to achieve internal sensations ideal for my anatomy and desires."

  • Valiziosa (ITA)

    "For me Dodil was a real discovery: it is a versatile sex toy, which lends itself to different uses and tastes, practically a thousand dildos in a single product. And the guys who invented it have broken through my heart out of seriousness and courtesy."

  • Kinky Kitten Kim (UK)

    "If you need a G spot dildo you can make a curved one, if you crave texture you can create a bumpy one, if you need a longer dildo you can stretch it out.

    Those who want several dildos but don’t have the money for several, this single purchase could be all you need."

  • Project Bluebird (DE)

    "And I tell you, that's really funny. Even if it is a bit difficult in the beginning, you quickly get the hang of it and can thus form the perfect dildo for every imaginable application. Over and over again! Yes..."

  • Isabelle Lauren

    "We all know that women’s bodies are different and that we like different things at different times. Now, with the Dodil, you can shape it however you want it. [...] And there are more reasons to like the Dodil. The owners are pleasant and approachable. They answered all my questions quickly and are always improving the information on the website based on questions and suggestions from bloggers.""

  • Backwoods Bedroom (US)

    "The Dodil is successful at what it claims it does. This dildo could be a real lifesaver for those who want to experiment with different silhouettes, but find themselves restrained by a limited budget. The magic of the Dodil allows for sexual exploration at a fraction of the cost of multiple silicone dildos. As an advocate of affordable sex toys, I give it my blessing."

  • Cara Sutra (UK)

    "The adult industry definitely loves describing its products as innovative, but I feel we’re inching towards a time where I might not immediately dismiss this as run-of-the-mill marketing spiel. The Dodil, the mouldable, shapeable dildo, is one of the few products which lives up to the hype."

  • Violet Fenn (UK)


    This is a HUGE step forward, because however clever ‘normal’ designs are, there has never been such a thing as ‘one size true fits all’ – until now. [...]

    "I am pretty sure this thing is made of DARK MAGIC"

  • Scandarella (UK)

    “If you make a shape, love it for three weeks and then think, fuck this, I’m bored with it now, don’t fret. The Dodil is re-mouldable! Yep, just whack it back in hot water and after half an hour you’ll have a floppy sausage that you can shape again and again. [...] I really do think the Dodil is utter brilliance. It’s the most user-oriented, non-gendered toy I’ve come across to date, and it’s so much fun to play with."

  • Venus O'hara (ESP)

    "Thankfully, with the Dodil, I am no longer obliged to feel guilty about how ecologically unsound my climaxes might be. By being 90% biodegradable, the Dodil charts a course towards a healthier planet by replacing a variety of numerous – less ecological – sex toys already on the market. [...] "We are all unique individuals and we will never be the same. Simply put, the Dodil is the Swiss army knife of dildos."

  • Miss Grey (DK)

    "Because it's nothing less than a fantastic dildo, which compensates for overcrowded toy-drawers, and which can fulfill all your needs."

  • Naughty Nerd (UK)

    "All things considered, the unique design and functionality of the Dodil makes for an incredibly fun, flexible, and versatile dildo that is only limited by your own imagination and creativity."

  • Pillow Princess (BE)

    "Considering the amazing orgasms it gave me, how fun it is, the ease of use, the pretty colour, and the company’s likeability, I can only urge you: if this sounds like something you’d like, please go for it. It’s wonderful."

  • Luvbunny (UK)

    "The Dodil’s unique selling point and ‘tagline’ is that it provides “intimacy individualised.” Since it can be moulded into a shape you desire, you are ultimately able to engineer a toy that will fit your anatomy. Moreover the Dodil can be remoulded multiple times. So if you do not like what you create, no problemo; just heat it up in its own bespoke thermos and shape it into something you do like!

    I like the Dodil and the company’s stance in designing a gender-neutral, sex-positive toy that has multiple possibilities. It was fun to create new shapes, and even more fun testing them."

  • Joanne (UK)

    "I can categorically say that the Dodil is my sex toy of the year 2017. Everyone should have one, and I was delighted to hear that they haven't rested on their laurels they are continuing to improve their product and are thinking laterally."

  • Mark & Rebecca (US)

    So fun to play within and out of the bedroom.  Richard Almgren and the dodil team have created a masterpiece!  Incredible sensation, creative fun, beautifully done! Executed like a boss!

    Quality 5/5  Performance 5/5  Innovative 10/5  Unique 5/5  Packaging 10/5  Enjoyment Level 5/5  Body Safe 5/5  Eco Friendly 5/5  Gender Neutral 5/5  Couple & Solo Play 5/5  Ease of Use 5/5  Company Integrity 5/5"

  • A Poly Princess

    I love the innovation here. I could see The Dodil being a good toy for a lot of different people, because it is so diverse and accommodating. It’s also just a great conversation piece, to be honest. I’ve had so many people want to touch and mold it since I brought it home; no one’s ever seen anything else quite like it.