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Wonky Dodil (Tilted Back Plug)

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All our Dodils are assembled by hand, and the final touch is the back plug. Sometimes that plug can get a little off. Still, it works just as good as any other Dodil. Heated it becomes moldable and cooled it stays in the design you have made, unlimited times.

By demand we offer these “wonky” Dodils for a CHEAPER PRICE.

Every wonky Dodil is of course sterilized before we deliver them to you.

This “Wonky Dodil Dildo Deal” contains:

  • A wonky Dodil (back plug tilted or slightly off)
  • A string for shaping
  • A multi-language manual

Worldwide free shipping included on all orders.

The “wonky” Dodil is not sold elsewhere but directly from us. And there is a limited supply. Custom fees and charges may apply (though not charged by us). The Wonky Dodil is void of return but still holds the same warranty as all our other products.

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Tilted Back Plug Dildo

With this "Cheap Dildo Dodil Deal" you can still make your perfect dildo, for every moment. 

This "wonky" Dodil is just the same as the original Dodil, the only difference is that the back plug which is assembled and fastened by hand might be a little tilted or off. By that it isn't 100% perfect.

Still the dildo works great. As you can transform it to your liking and is able to become that long, rippled g-spot dildo your fantasy and body desires.

Made from 100% body-safe silicone with a 100% non-toxic and bio-degradable core material.