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Product Info

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General Product Info

All our products in the Dodil Dildo-serie are sent including the following:

  • Instructions manual (9 languages)
  • An orange flexible string for shaping 


Original length: 19 cm/7.4 in.
Moldable length: 14.5 cm/5.7 in.
Original Girth: 4 cm/1.57 in.
Weight: 220 grams/7.7 ounces


Silicone: Medical grade liquid silicone
Core: Polycaprolactane (PCL) bioplastic formula
Handle: ABS-plastic

String: Silicone

Thermos: Stainless steel body and outside lid. ABS-plastic inside lid.

All materials used are body-safe and non-toxic. We only use FDA-approved pigments and fillers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

For FAQ about the Dodil, go here.

For FAQ about design and creation, go here.

For FAQ about shopping and shipping, go here.

Warranty Conditions

Replacement Policy

Accidents happen, through handling or when being delivered and on a few occasions an air bubble in the silicone gets missed in our control.

That is why we have a replacement policy. If the silicone outside should get a hole in it or in any way damaged without dropping, neglecting or trying to damage it, we simply replace it. All we ask for is a photo and the story of how it got damaged.

Do notice that the inside material is perfectly safe should there be a hole. It is a material previously used in internal medicine and odontology.

Important Notice

Even if the dodil-dildo is extremely playful in its moldable state we must stress the importance of reading the instructions. It is intended for adults only and brings the awesome and unique power to design almost any shape you want in a dildo. By such, strive to make a phallus-shape suitable for insertion. Most of the recommendations for how to handle the dodil-dildo are common sense, however we recommend that you:

  • do not use any hard objects against or poke or scratch the dodil-dildo with your nails
  • do not pull or stretch the dodil-dildo with force - squeeze it or use the included cord/string to make the material move instead
  • do not push all or the majority of the material to one end
  • do not pinch or pull on the silicone or fold the dodil-dildo in two and leave it to cool in that state
  • stop shaping a dodil-dildo on the verge of becoming rigid, simply reheat it for a few minutes (1-3 minutes) if you want to continue shaping

Quality Control

We rely on bringing you a product of quality. We do this by:

  • having a 5-tier quality control process
  • doing durability tests on the same dodil-dildos up to 5 times/daily (by such they have been designed and re-designed up to 500 times)
  • testing each shipment with UV-lighting 
  • testing about 5% of each shipment by heating it for a short time 

Warranty Disclaimer

A dodil product is intended for adults and pleasure only and is not a medical aid. A dodil product is under warranty for a period of one (1) year starting from the date of original purchase.
This warranty applies to defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. If you should notice a defect during the warranty period we will replace the dodil free of charge. The warranty covers the function of the dodil and does not cover cosmetic deterioration caused by tear and wear, damage caused by accident or misuse. The warranty will not be valid if you neglect your dodil and do not follow the care or shape instructions. Tampering or taking apart a dodil or any object/accessory will void the warranty. 

To validate a warranty, keep your original purchase receipt for the duration of the warranty period.

All warranty claims must be supported by 'reasonable' photo evidence and sent to [email protected]

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